Born in San Francisco, California in 1998, Adolmar is a storyteller, ______, and ________. After earning a degree in _____ _______ from the University of California-Berkeley, he obtained a master’s degree in ___________ at __________.  It was at Berkeley where Adolmar was introduced to Rem Koolhaas by ________, formed from __________, that taught him to _____________. These principles make up Adolmar’s inter-disciplinary practice today.

1, two, tres. One fourth of my thoughts are in Spanish. I call him _____. The other 3/4ths are unholy by my upbringing’s standards. My spirit wanes and confidence deteriorates as the days count. Recurring nightmares make sleep feel like a distant land. Too scared to live, I lay in bed pondering my many fears. Dios quiere ayudar, pero me niego a dejar que él me guíe por un camino de ignorancia. Dios y diego. Diego y dios. How do I proceed surviving myself? Laughing is getting harder. I turn the music off to ensure I can hear my heart beating. Its function is reassuring. The best sleep I ever got was between my parents or on my dad's stomach when I was eight. Slowly I would rise and fall with every breath he took. I dream in metaphors.